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Inspection carried out on 18 July 2013

During a routine inspection

On our inspection we looked at four people's records and saw that in all cases these were completed consistently. We spoke with two people who used the service. They were positive about their experiences. One person said, "..the most relaxing dental experience."

We looked at how the service safeguarded people from abuse and saw that there were procedures in place with contact numbers for the relevant outside agencies. We spoke with four staff members who were aware of how to protect people.

We found that the premises were clean and hygienic. There were systems in place to ensure infection control procedures were adhered to.

We looked at four staff files and saw that the staff regularly up dated their clinical professional development. Staff supervision and appraisal had commenced in July 2013. Staff we spoke with told us they felt supported.

The service had some systems in place for monitoring and assessing the quality of service provision. We saw changes were made following staff meetings and suggestions from people who used the service.