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Victoria Orthodontic Clinic

South Westminster Centre For Health, 82 Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PF (020) 7963 2430

Provided and run by:
Dr. Marjan Mokhber

All Inspections

21 March 2013

During a routine inspection

There were information leaflets about the clinic and treatment specific leaflets on-site. Four people told us that staff gave them adequate information about their treatment and costs. One person said that staff gave them advice about what not to eat and how to care for their bracers. People were treated in a private treatment room and with a dental nurse present.

Dental examinations were carried out and people were referred to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for specialist X-rays if appropriate. Diagnoses and treatment options were discussed with people. Written treatment plans were given to people and follow-up appointments were arranged. People told us that they were "happy" with the quality of care that they received.

The environment was clean and tidy on the day of the inspection and people who use the service told us that practice was always clean. Instruments were appropriately decontaminated before re-use and stored safely.

Staff had undertaken training in basic life support and infection control. The orthodontist had attended courses as part of her continuing professional development. The dental nurse was appraised on her performance through a local NHS Trust every six months.

Satisfaction surveys were carried out on an annual basis. Analysis of the 2012 survey found that all of the 27 respondents were satisfied with their treatment. Record keeping audits were carried out and equipment was appropriately maintained.