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myorthodontist - Chapel Road - Bexleyheath


Inspection carried out on 12 December 2013

During a routine inspection

People using the service and their relatives we spoke with were very happy with the service. They understood the treatment they were having and told us the service was responsive and welcoming. For example, one person told us: �It�s good. The staff are very friendly, especially the desk. They know my name. They�re good on the phone, sort everything out. If there�s an emergency they fit me in so I don�t have to miss school�. Another person told us: �They prepare you for what�s going to happen, if you�re going to be in pain for a couple of days [after the brace has been adjusted], and to take paracetamol.� A relative told us they liked how clean, warm and comfortable the waiting room was, and that the surgeries were always very clean. They said: �[My daughter] used to be phobic about going to the dentist, but here they get a mirror and explain what they�re doing. She feels like a grown up�.

We found people using the service were involved in decisions about their care and were treated with dignity and respect. They experienced treatment and care that met their needs and were protected from the risk of infection. Safeguards were in place to protect people from abuse and the provider had a system in place for monitoring the quality of service people received.