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Total Orthodontics Wokingham


Inspection carried out on 12 April 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with five patients or their parents/guardians by telephone following our visit. People were complimentary about the treatment they received from the practice. We received a number of positive comments about the quality of the services and the friendliness, professionalism and approachability of staff. One person told us "I would recommend the service. My daughter never minds attending. They tell her what they are going to do and give her advice". Another person said "The clinic is always busy, but they always explain and never rush" and "I have every confidence that they will do a good job". They said "I had heard good things about them from a neighbour that�s why we agreed to go there".

We found the provider met the outcomes we inspected and had systems in place to monitor their own compliance with regulations. Patients were asked for their feedback about the quality of services and the practice acted on any information received. Regular audits were carried out to ensure the practice maintained people's health, safety and welfare.

Consent was sought at the outset of treatment and information was provided to people about treatment options. People's medical and dental health needs were accurately documented. We saw the practice was clean and well maintained and the staff followed appropriate infection control measures. Staff were trained and professional.