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Inspection carried out on 4 September 2013

During a routine inspection

We visited the Quadrant dental practice to look at the care and treatment provided to people who used the service. During our inspection we spoke with three people who used the service, three dentist, three dental nurses and the receptionist. Five people completed a questionnaire for us. We observed two treatment sessions and looked at five patient records.

People told us it was easy for them to make appointments to see their dentist. They told us that they were treated with respect and their treatment was undertaken in private with the doors closed. One person told us, �Staff are very respectful.�

People told us that their medical history was checked every time they had an appointment. They stated that they received a copy of their treatment plans with the estimated cost of the treatment.

They told us that the practice was always very clean and tidy. People told us that the dentist and dental nurses wore gloves and face masks when they were being treated.

People were complimentary about the care and treatment they received. They told us that they knew how to make a complaint but they had never had the need to complain.

We found the provider was compliant with the five standards we inspected.