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Inspection carried out on 7 February 2012

During a routine inspection

Patients spoken with confirmed they were asked to give their written consent prior to the start of any treatment. They also said that the dentist checked verbally that the option they had chosen was what they still wanted to have done.

Patients told us the dentist carried out an examination of their teeth and helped them to make decisions about treatment options. They said that staff were good with children and put them at ease. Comments included, �The service is brilliant. I was petrified but they reassured me�, �They told me what could be done and gave timescales � we talked about partial dentures. It�s a good practice and helps with anxieties�, �They are all very good � I see a couple of dentists and they are each aware of my history. It is good continuity� and �The staff are friendly and knowledgeable.�

Patients told us they had seen staff wearing protective clothing such as gloves, aprons and masks.