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Mydentist - Salterton Road - Exmouth Also known as mydentist


Inspection carried out on 3 October 2012

During a routine inspection

We reviewed all the information we hold about this provider, carried out a visit on 3rd October 2012 and checked the provider's records, policies and procedures. We talked to staff and to patients who use the service. We observed treatment which took place.

Formerly known as ADP Exmouth Dental Practice the practice is now known as IDH Exmouth Dental Practice. The practice is large, with five dentists providing a service to approximately 14,000 patients. The practice has five treatment rooms set over three floors. There is level access at the ground floor entrance and two treatment rooms are on the ground floor which means people with limited mobility are able to access the service.

We spoke with eight patients during this visit who were attending for examination or treatment. The feedback was mostly positive. One patient said �I was impressed with the response; I called at 7am and got an appointment at 9am�. Another patient said the practice was �always clean and spotless with all the right smells.�

We also looked at the comments received from patients. These showed a high degree of satisfaction with the service. One patient said �we found the dentist to be careful and caring, doing an excellent job�. Another patient said �thank you for bringing a smile back to my face again�.

We looked at online feedback. Most patients were very satisfied. One patient said �I have a very good dentist. They're considerate, understanding and listen to a patient's needs.�