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James Mehta & Associates - Creffield Lodge Dental Practice


Inspection carried out on 23 August 2013

During a routine inspection

We saw people were given enough information to make a considered decision about their care and treatment. Where complicated treatment was needed, the service wrote to people to outline the work planned. One person we spoke with told us, �I always feel I know where I am, they never spring any surprises.� Another person we spoke with said, �We have always discussed at length any problems. I get good information.�

People had personalised plans that outlined their treatment and the risks and benefits were discussed. One person told us, �I am very satisfied; my whole family comes to this surgery now.� Another person said, �I never have any problems getting an appointment here and they never keep me waiting.� The service had arrangements in place to deal with foreseeable emergencies.

There were processes and procedures in place to reduce the risk of cross infection. Staff spoken with had a good understanding of infection control practices.

Staff were supported to undertake training relevant to their role. The service held regular staff meetings and staff appraisals.

The provider undertook audits and sought the views of people who use the service.