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Archived: Bulmer Dental

The provider of this service changed - see new profile


Inspection carried out on 6 December 2013

During a routine inspection

One dentist worked at Bulmer Dental Practice. They were supported by a dental nurse and a receptionist. A dental hygienist and therapist worked one day a week. The practice had 1500 people registered for treatment. All treatments were private and were available to both children and adults. Information about treatments and costs was on display at the practice.

We spoke with three people during our inspection. They told us that they felt they received safe and effective dental care. Comments included, "On a score of one to ten I would give them eleven!" and �He (the dentist) takes his time and is always very good�. We also observed the treatment of one person. The dentist spoke with them and reassured them throughout the treatment.

The practice was visibly clean. Comments from people we spoke with included, "Yes, it seems clean when I come, no problems there�. There were effective processes in place to ensure that people were protected from the risks of infection. Systems were in place to ensure that decontamination equipment was effective and safe. Staff demonstrated competence in carrying out decontamination processes.

There were systems and equipment in place to deal with emergencies and staff had received training for medical emergencies.

The provider had monitored the quality of service. Audits had been completed and action had been taken as a result. People told us that they had informal opportunities to provide feedback.