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Inspection carried out on 29 July 2013

During a routine inspection

During our visit to Rex Dental Practice we met with the provider and dentist, Mr Justyn Whitlock. We spoke with two members of staff. We spoke with six patients and looked at four patient records.

All of the patients we spoke with were very happy with the dental treatment they received. One patient told us �we�re happy all round. It�s a lovely practice. It�s very relaxed and friendly. You�re not treated like a number. You�re a name�. Another patient said �My previous dentist said I needed lots of work done. I came here and he inspected my teeth and I hardly needed anything done. It gives me confidence he�s not after my money�. We looked at patient records which confirmed the treatment patients said they had received.

Patients we spoke with told us the practice was always clean and tidy. The practice operated processes, and followed procedures, that minimised the risk and spread of infection because current guidelines were followed.

Staff told us they were supported to carry out their roles; one said the dentist �is really supportive and approachable�. We saw that staff received training specific to their job and that they received an annual review of their performance.

The practice had systems in place to seek and act on patient feedback and carried out audits to monitor clinical quality.