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Inspection carried out on 29 January 2013

During a routine inspection

The patients all told us that they were very happy with the care and treatment that they received and had been coming for many years. They told us that it was easy to get appointments and all treatment and costs were very well explained.

We saw that many risk assessments were in place and that there was a system of continual auditing which highlighted any problems which were then promptly remedied.

We found that the decontamination procedures were at 'best practice' standard and there was good evidence of processes in place to maintain standards.

The staff all told us that they were very well supported and had many opportunities to further their careers.

We found the dentists to be diligent in their care and support of patients and follow national guidelines in prescribing treatment.

We found all the staff to be very aware of confidentiality and treated patients with respect and dignity. The practice had endeavoured to accommodate a diversity of patients.