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Inspection carried out on 28 January 2014

During a routine inspection

The practice had two dentists and two dental nurses who provided dental treatment. We spoke with seven people to gain their views and experiences of the service and treatment received from their dentist. All people were complimentary about the service they received. One commented, "I work away for long periods but they are always able to accommodate my appointment for the period I am at home." Another person said, "I am happy with the dentists they explain everything clearly."

People told us they could express their views and make informed decisions about their treatment. We looked at four individual dental treatment records. Three out of four records showed the reasons why treatment was recommended, people's agreement to treatment choices and any oral health advice given.

There were procedures in place to clean and sterilise dental equipment to minimise the risk of people getting an infection. Staff had received regular training to prevent the risk of infection. Staff were aware of their responsibilities in reducing the risk of infection within the practice.

Staff felt well supported by the provider and practice manager. One staff member said, "I am happy working here, it's a really good place to work."