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Inspection carried out on 20 February 2012

During a routine inspection

We were able to speak with eight people attending the practice either for routine check –ups, examinations or treatment during our inspection visit on 20 February 2012. We spoke with most of them both before and after they had received their treatment in order to hear about their experiences.

All but one of the people we spoke with told us they had been attending the practice for their dental care for many years. They all expressed confidence and trust in the dentists they were seeing. One person described the dentist they saw as “lovely”. Another person described the dentist as “very caring”. Several people described the practice staff as “excellent”.

People said that they had no difficulty arranging appointments. One person we spoke with had telephoned for an appointment that day. They told us that they had been experiencing some discomfort with a new denture.

People told us that if they required treatment they were always given comprehensive information about why it was needed and available options were discussed with them. They said that they were always asked about their medical history. They told us they were given printed treatment plans that set out what treatment was required and a breakdown of its costs. They also told us that they were given advice about oral health and hygiene.