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Archived: 1a Dental Practice - Werrington Village

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Inspection carried out on 30 November 2012

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

Although there were no patients available during this inspection visit, at our last inspection people told us that they were satisfied with the standard and quality of the service provided to them. We had received no concerns or complaints since our last inspection visits of 15 and 16 October 2012 and up to this inspection of 30 November 2012.

Improvements had been made regarding the selection and recruitment system of prospective members of staff.

Inspection carried out on 15, 16 October 2012

During a routine inspection

All of the people that were spoken with told us that they had the right amount of information to make a decision about their treatment options. They also said that they were treated in a respectful way.

People also said they were satisfied with the standard and quality of their care and treatment. Their treatment records indicated that they had a full health assessment of the conditions of their mouths. To ensure that people�s dental care and treatment was safe to proceed with, written information about people�s general and medical health was also obtained. People�s health was protected because there were systems in place to deal with any unforeseeable medical emergencies.

Effective staff training and cleaning systems were in place to ensure people�s health was protected against the risk of acquiring infections from unclean equipment.

There were inadequate staff recruitment systems in place to ensure that people who used the service were protected from unsuitable staff. Improvements were needed.

Although people who we spoke with were not aware of how to make a formal complaint, they were satisfied with the standard and quality of the care and treatment that they had received and said that they had no cause to make a complaint. There was a complaints procedure in place where people�s concerns and complaints were received, recorded and investigated.