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Archived: Restgarth Care Limited Also known as Restgarth Network Health and Social Care

This service is now registered at a different address - see new profile


Inspection carried out on 27 November 2013

During a routine inspection

The provider sent us contact details for people who used the service, and staff who worked for the agency. According to the information we were sent, Restgarth provided support to 68 people in their own homes. We spoke with 13 people who used the service, their comments were positive regarding the care and support they received. No one we spoke with reported any missed visits. Their comments included �I am very happy with the girls�, and �I would recommend them to anyone, we are very lucky to have the service�.

We spoke with seven staff, the registered manager , the office manager and community healthcare professionals who worked with carers from Restgarth Care in people�s homes.

We saw people had been given the opportunity to sign their care plans and consent to care and support being provided.

We found people�s needs were assessed, and care and support was planned and delivered in line with their individualised care plan.

Restgarth Care had procedures in place to protect people from the risks associated with the use of equipment.

We saw appropriate employment checks were undertaken by Restgarth Care before staff began working for the agency.

Records were stored securely in order to protect people�s confidentiality.

Inspection carried out on 22 March 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with four people who used Restgarth Care Limited or their relatives. They said they were happy with the service provided. One relative told us they are �absolutely fantastic� and �my X looks forward to their visits, we cannot find anything bad to say�. A person who used the service told us the care workers are �a good crowd of girls, very willing and helpful�. Another person told us �they treat me as an individual and are adaptable�.

We looked at some care records. They included a care plan, daily evaluation records and risk assessments which had been regularly

All of the people we spoke to, who used the agency, told us they felt safe when staff entered their own homes.

The agency had polices in place for safeguarding of vulnerable adults. The policy included local contact details of where staff should report concerns and made reference to Cornwall County Council�s safeguarding �alerters guide�.

We saw the staff were up to date with all their mandatory training such as safeguarding, food hygiene and manual handling. We saw there were support systems in place to ensure the care workers could carry out their role effectively.

The provider had systems in place to review policies and procedures and audit completed documentation for example to ensure the service was working within best practice guidance.