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Inspection carried out on 5 February 2014

During a routine inspection

We saw a range of thank you cards with comments including �Thank you for being such a caring, great dentist� and �Many thanks for the years of care we have had with you�. One person who was writing about their experience of having dental implants wrote �Very many thanks to you all for such a superb job. Treatment in and out of the chair was �first class�, thank you�.

We spoke with six people who attended for appointments during our visit. One person told us that they had moved away from the area but still travelled to this dentist. They said �This is my testimonial� referring to how happy they were with the practice. Another person told us they had followed their particular dentist around (three practices) because they found the dentist�s �chair side manner very cheerful�. They described them as �Fantastic�. Other people spoke about recommending the dentist. One person said they had recommended the practice to their spouse who was �very happy� and another person told us they would recommend the practice to �the most nervous of patients�.

People were provided information about care and treatment options and gave consent prior to treatment being carried out. People's needs were assessed and treatment was planned accordingly. Where people had a tooth extraction or minor oral surgery they were given advice about diet.

There were arrangements in place to ensure the safety of children and vulnerable adults. Guidance had been followed in respect of infection control to maintain a clean environment. Medicines were kept safely.

Staff told us they felt supported and we saw they had opportunities for training. The provider had systems in place to monitor the quality of service provided.