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Doncaster Road Dental Practice Limited


Inspection carried out on 26 March 2013

During an inspection looking at part of the service

We inspected this location on the 18th December 2012 and returned to check on the improvements since our last visit. The provider had made improvements around the care and welfare of people who use services, infection control and quality assurance standards. We also looked at the staff recruitment standards. This means there were improved outcomes for people who used the service and the services's staff. We saw the provider was monitoring the quality of service that people received on a regular basis, and evaluated the the information about the quality and safety of the care, treatment and support the service provides, and its outcomes.

Inspection carried out on 18 December 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with four patients and they all gave positive comments about their dental treatment. They told us staff were always welcoming, polite and friendly and were put at ease when receiving their care, treatment and support. One patient told us the practice had telephoned him as a reminder he had an appointment and found this helpful. Patients told us the dentist would explain their treatment plan and knew what to expect. One patient told us it had taken years to pluck up courage to have treatment and was encouraged over time by the same dentist when visiting with her family to consent to care and treatment. She told us: "I am very satisfied with the good care I have received." The provider told us they had experience of treating people with diverse needs and would make arrangements to treat them in the downstairs surgery (for easy access), or at a time that suited them if they had a medical condition. The provider and some of his dental staff spoke a range of community languages and were able to support patients if there were communication difficulties.