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During a check to make sure that the improvements required had been made

At our last visit on 3 September 2013 we identified concerns that patient records were not kept securely and we found that records relating to staff and the management of the service were not always accurate and fit for purpose. Following our visit the provider wrote to us and told us they would take action to address the concerns. We requested that the provider send us records to demonstrate that action had been taken.

We saw that the provider had undertaken a risk assessment and implemented preventative measures to ensure that patient records were kept securely. For example, a physical barrier had been introduced and the area in which records were stored was not left unattended by staff. The provider had written a patient records procedure and this had been discussed at a staff meeting. We found that the provider had undertaken a risk assessment to ensure that measures were put in place to reduce the risk of infection to a member of staff who was not immune to hepatitis B.

We found that the provider had updated their policies to ensure that they reflected the practice of record keeping within the practice. We also found that the provider had introduced clear action plans. The records demonstrated that actions from audits were taken to improve patient care. Staff records and other records relevant to the management of the services were accurate and fit for purpose.

Inspection carried out on 3 September 2013

During a routine inspection

During our visit to Ladygrove dental practice we met with the provider, Dr James Brown. We spoke with three members of staff. We spoke with six patients and looked at six patient records.

Patients told us they were treated with respect and did not feel rushed. One patient said �they always treat me well and are always very friendly�. Patients said they were rarely kept waiting for appointments.

All of the patients we spoke with were very happy with the dental treatment they received. A patient said �he [the dentist] will always explain things clearly and properly�. Another patient told us they had been involved in deciding their treatment and had opted not to have a root removed. We looked at patient records which confirmed the treatment patients said they received.

The practice followed decontamination procedures that minimised the risk and spread of infection.

Staff told us they were supported to carry out their roles. A dental nurse said �we all talk openly. I have the support from the team. If there�s a problem I�ve been told straight away�. We saw that staff received training specific to their job.

The practice had systems in place to seek and act on patient feedback and carried out audits to monitor clinical quality. Records relating to improvement from audits and staff were not always created and maintained. The security of records had not been adequately addressed.