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Inspection carried out on 9 November 2012

During a routine inspection

People were happy with the care and treatment they received at the dental practice. One person told us "The practice has an excellent dentist and staff". People commented that they were always able to get appointments to suit their needs.

People told us they were provided with good information about the treatments and the costs and they had been given enough time and information to make a decision about their treatment. There were no patients receiving treatment on the day of our visit but we observed staff at the practice speaking to people on the telephone in a kind, professional, friendly and respectful manner. We were told that all consultations took place in private rooms.

People told us they felt safe when visiting the practice. One person commented "The staff are very approachable. You can contact them with any problems whatsoever".

On the day of the visit we found the practice to be safe, clean and well maintained. People we spoke with told us the practice was always very clean.

Staff told us that they felt well supported and we found that they had the necessary skills and training to undertake their role in a safe and appropriate manner.