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Archived: Marketgate Dental Practice

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Inspection carried out on 23 January 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with a range of people about the service they received. They included dentists, the Practice Manager, Dental Nurses, and people who used the service.

People we spoke with during the inspection told us they were very satisfied with the care provided and they saw their dentist regularly. They told us the service they received was first class.

People said that the dentist always explained what he was planning to do, what he had found during examination and what the treatment options were. One person told us, �The dentist always explains what he needs to do and why.� Another person said, �I ask a lot of questions and she gives me detailed answers.�

People told us they found staff polite and welcoming. One person told us, �They are always pleasant and cheerful.� Another person said, �They are fantastic.�

The practice facilities were clean and maintained. People were protected from the risk of infection because staff used protective clothing and carried out procedures safely.

Staff received regular training and support and were qualified, skilled and experienced. They told us they were very happy working at Marketgate dental practice and felt very well supported.