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Archived: Healthcare Nationwide Ltd t/a Healthcare Assist Inadequate Also known as Health Care Assist

This service was previously registered at a different address - see old profile

Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 21 April 2016

We carried out this focused inspection on 29 October and 02 December 2015. We gave the provider 48 hours’ notice of the inspection so we could be sure that they were in for our inspection.

This was a follow-up inspection as we have issued a Notice of Decision for the provider not to provide personal care following our last inspection in May 2015. The service was rated as ‘Inadequate’ and placed into ‘Special measures’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We found that the service had breached the Noticed of Decision by providing personal care for the two people who used the service.

The provider had not displayed the ‘CQC Ratings' at the registered office or on their website.

We are taking enforcement action and will report on this once it is complete.

Inspection areas



Updated 17 August 2015

The service was not safe.

There were no processes to safeguard people from the risk of abuse and staff were not aware how to raise concerns..

Assessments were not in place to protect people who used the service and staff from any foreseeable risks.

There were appropriate numbers of staff to support people’s needs but there was no system in place to check their suitability to deliver safe care to people.



Updated 17 August 2015

The service was not effective.

Staff were not provided with training to deliver the skills and knowledge to provide people with the care and support required.

Staff were unable to demonstrate their understanding of Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Staff did not receive regular training to ensure they had up to date skills to undertake their roles and responsibilities effectively.


Requires improvement

Updated 17 August 2015

The service was not consistently caring.

Staff were not always respectful of people’s privacy and dignity.

People were not encouraged to make decisions about their care and support.

People were not encouraged to express their views about the service that was provided to them.



Updated 17 August 2015

The service was not responsive

Support plans were not accurate and did not always outlining people’s personal preferences and support information.

People who used the service felt the staff and manager were approachable.

The complaints process was not always understood by staff and complaints were not always recognised and recorded.



Updated 21 April 2016

The service was not well- led

The provider had breached the conditions of their registration by failing to comply by the Notice of Decision issued in May 2015.

The provider did not display the ‘CQC Ratings'

so people can easily see the quality of the service.