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Ashfields Care Home Outstanding

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Updated 26 February 2020

About the service

Ashfields Care Home is a care home providing personal and nursing care to 44 people aged 65 and over at the time of the inspection. The service can support up to 46 people. The home was in the middle of a large extension to increase the number of bedrooms and the facilities. At the time of the inspection the home had been divided into two areas, a residential and dementia unit. Each unit had their own dedicated manager and staff. The accommodation consisted of dining and sitting spaces with shared bathrooms. However, each bedroom had their own ensuite facilities.

There were social spaces for people and family, which included a small lounge and coffee shop.

People’s experience of using this service and what we found

People’s outcomes were reflected in good health care and wellbeing. They were provided with tailored care and support which promoted a warm family home. Without exception all the comments we received expressed thanks for the kind and caring staff who ensured every day was positive and spent how the person wished.

It was evident people and relatives were actively involved in their care arrangements and all the details were recorded and shared. Staff were able to use people’s history and life choices to provide a person-centred approach to the care people required.

Technology had been used to support care planning, safety measures and promote people’s independence. Hobbies and opportunities to engage in daily activities was available, these were liked to life choices or new experiences. The local community was involved along with visiting entertainers.

People’s equality needs had been considered. Measures were taken to promote communication methods, disability needs or spiritual or cultural support.

Staff showed compassion and consistently treated people with dignity and respect valuing them as individuals. When people required care at the end of their lives, this was completed with respect and dignity, and reflected on any lasting wishes. The home was described by professionals as outstanding care delivered by caring staff who showed empathy to people and their families.

People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible and in their best interests; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice. Relationships had been established and people shared with us positive views of the staff.

People were consulted on a regular basis about the home and improvements. Meal changes were being developed and people’s ongoing health care was monitored.

There was sufficient staff to support the needs of people. This was reviewed regularly, and adjustments made to support environmental changes or the needs of people. Staff had received training and support for their roles. This was dovetailed with competency assessments and supervisions.

Medicines were managed safely, and reviews had been completed to make improvements to people’s health care and management of their anxiety. Risks had been managed and measures put in place to reduce the risks.

Maintenance of the home was comprehensive in ensuring all the required checks were in place. Fire safety measures had been considered and a new system installed.

People knew how to raise a complaint, and any received had been investigated and addressed with an apology and actions. There was clear leadership of the service, which used robust quality assurance systems to develop and drive improvement. The home had worked with a range of partners and continued to follow up on lessons learnt.

The security of the building was monitored by CCTV and all the people, relatives and staff understood the usage of the system which was in place in communal spaces. The home had displayed their rating and sent us notifications as required.

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Inspection areas



Updated 26 February 2020

The service was safe.

Details are in our safe findings below



Updated 26 February 2020

The service was effective.

Details are in our effective findings below.



Updated 26 February 2020

The service was exceptionally caring.

Details are in our caring findings below



Updated 26 February 2020

The service was exceptionally responsive.

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Updated 26 February 2020

The service was well-led.

Details are in our well-Led findings below.