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Archived: Stockport - East Cheshire & High Peak Cerebral Palsy Society

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Inspection carried out on 19, 20 December 2013

During a routine inspection

Stockport CP is a domiciliary care agency (DCA) which we saw was providing a wide range of activities and support for children, young people and adults with physical and / or learning disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions living independently. Most people who used the service were located in Stockport, but some were in Trafford East, Cheshire and Derbyshire. The DCA operates from an office base in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

We met with the Head of Community Support Services, the registered manager, office staff, three care workers, three people using services and spoke with four families of young people / children using services.

All comments we received were very positive about the provider, the managers and the care staff. People told us that the quality of care and support was consistently given at a high standard and given in a 'person centred' way. One person using services said "I can't fault it. I get all the help I need and I can ring the office and talk to the staff and they will help me out" another said " I know that they are there for me. I can talk about what I want and the support worker works with me". Family members we spoke with were also very positive about the care workers and the reliability of the support given. One said "I know that my daughter can be quite a hand full, but when the care worker arrives her face just lights up. She has achieved so much and their input has been invaluable in enabling her successes."

Inspection carried out on 3, 4 January 2013

During a routine inspection

People using the service told us that they felt involved in their care and that staff listened to them. Comments included, "I like my support worker very much, we get on very well. I have never had such a good service like this before."

Those people we spoke with told us that they were very happy with the care and support they received. One person told us, "I have a care plan file and I read my notes. We go through my care plan and if there is anything I want changing I tell them."

We found that care plans and risk assessments were comprehensive in their details and were regularly reviewed.