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We are carrying out a review of quality at Homecare Helpline. We will publish a report when our review is complete. Find out more about our inspection reports.

Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 7 March 2019

About the service:

Homecare Helpline is registered as a domiciliary care agency providing the regulated activity ‘personal care’ to people who live in their own homes in Grantham, Sleaford and surrounding villages. At the time of the inspection visit there were 47 people using the service.

People’s experience of using this service:

People using this service benefitted from a good, safe, caring responsive and well-led service. People and their relatives consistently told us that the service was reliable and provided them with good quality care by staff who were experienced and competent. People and their relatives told us that communication with the management team was straightforward, one relative said, “Things have really improved, we’ve ironed things out and everything is running brilliantly”.

Peoples care and support was planned in a person-centred way and people chose how they liked their care to be delivered. People were supported by staff who were aware of people’s life history and preferences and staff used this information to develop positive relationships.

People were supported by courteous staff who treated them with dignity and respect. One relative told us, “The carers and the staff on the phone are very polite, I have no issues”. Evidence of feedback provided by people and their relatives in quality assurance surveys was consistently positive and had measurably improved during the last 12 months.

Rating at last inspection:

The service was rated as Inadequate in the previous inspection report published on 6 March 2018, this was because:

• The provider had not achieved compliance with our Warning Notice and, as a result, was in continuing breach of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 (HSCA). This was because the provider had taken insufficient action to improve the organisation of staffing resources and the scheduling of people's care calls.

• There were shortfalls in organisational governance, a continuing failure to ensure people received safe and consistent support with their medicines and a continuing failure to ensure all staff had the training and supervision necessary to support people safely and effectively.

• Action was required improve the communication between office-based and front-line care staff.

At this inspection evidence confirmed that the provider had made significant improvements and was no longer in breach of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 (HSCA).

Inspection areas



Updated 7 March 2019

The service was safe

Details are in our Safe findings below.



Updated 7 March 2019

The service was effective

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Updated 7 March 2019

The service was caring

Details are in our Caring findings below.



Updated 7 March 2019

The service was responsive

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Updated 7 March 2019

The service was well-led

Details are in our Well-Led findings below.