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Archived: Vanguard Healthcare Solutions Limited

Unit 1411, Charlton Court, Gloucester Business Park, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL3 4AE (01452) 651850

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Vanguard Healthcare Solutions Limited

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9 September 2013

During a routine inspection

Vanguard provides mobile surgery and endoscopy services to hospitals across the UK. Because of this we were unable to speak to patients or view their medical records. We did look at other documents held by the provider which included feedback from patients and host hospitals. The staff had been trained in resuscitation. Other possible emergencies such as fire were discussed in detail at the planning stage. Actions were agreed between the provider and host hospital and then shared with staff working in each unit. The provider held detailed planning meetings with each host hospital before their units were installed and we saw evidence that these were comprehensive and involved a wide range of professionals.

We saw recent comment books where people who used the service had said "Very friendly staff, I was looked after very well, everyone was very friendly". "The welcome, quality and speed of service and administration and comfort and skill throughout the procedure rank this above private treatment". We also saw feedback from the host hospitals which included. 'Vanguard exceeded our expectations because of good quality assurance processes'. 'A good service to the high standard we have come to expect'.

The provider had effective recruitment and complaints systems in place. Monthly audits were undertaken at each location which included infection prevention and control. Incidents were recorded and reported monthly where any actions were agreed and followed up.

21 February 2013

During a routine inspection

In this report, the type of the service is identified as "Community health care services - Nurses Agency only". This is not correct and is being changed. The type of service should be "Acute Services".

Patients who used the service said that they were happy with the care that they had received. One said "They were very kind and caring. I could not fault anything". Another said " I was terrified before the operation, but they looked after me really well. I can't thank them enough".

Patients privacy and dignity were respected. The location of the mobile units was carefully planned to make sure that it was safe and convenient for patients. Special attention was paid to people with mobility problems and alterations were made to the units so that people with disabilities could use them easily.

Care and attention was paid to patients individual needs so that they received effective and appropriate treatment. Staff were specially trained to understand the specific needs of patients in operating theatres and daycase units. There were facilities in place to deal with emergencies and patients were protected from the risk of abuse.

There were enough qualified and skilled staff to meet patients needs.The staffing of the units varied according to the needs of the host hospital but staffing levels and skills were assessed before the service commenced. There was a system in place for gathering and evaluating information about the quality of the care provided.