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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 18 September 2014
Date of Publication: 20 November 2014
Inspection Report published 20 November 2014 PDF

People should be protected from abuse and staff should respect their human rights (outcome 7)

Enforcement action taken

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are protected from abuse, or the risk of abuse, and their human rights are respected and upheld.

How this check was done

We looked at the personal care or treatment records of people who use the service, carried out a visit on 18 September 2014, observed how people were being cared for and talked with people who use the service. We talked with carers and / or family members and reviewed information given to us by the provider.

Our judgement

People who use the service were not protected from the risk of abuse, because the provider had not taken reasonable steps to identify the possibility of abuse and prevent abuse from happening.

Reasons for our judgement

We included this outcome because of information of concern that we became aware of during our inspection.

We had been told prior to our inspection that an incident had occurred where a person who lived in the home had behaved in an abusive manner. We were able to confirm that this had occurred and had not been dealt with in line with safeguarding procedures. The incident had been reported to the local authority as a 'care concern' and had not been notified to the Care Quality Commission. We looked at the systems that had been put in place following this incident and were not satisfied that people were being protected from potential harm or abuse. We contacted the local authority safeguarding unit to share our concerns and to ensure that appropriate steps were taken to protect the people who lived in the home.

During our inspection we were made aware of another incident that had not been reported appropriately to the local authority and had not been notified to the Care Quality Commission. We saw that health professionals' advice had been sought to support the people involved but the appropriate steps had not been followed to record how the person's behaviour was to be managed.

We spoke to staff about safeguarding procedures. They were unclear about how information of concern should be reported. We looked at the training records for five staff and saw that only one of them had received safeguarding training and this was over two years ago. There was no evidence to show that the other staff had received any training.

We asked if there were safeguarding and whistle blowing policies. The staff we spoke with did not know. The deputy manager said that there was one and showed us a safeguarding policy that was dated September 2005. We pointed out that this was very old and an updated version was required.