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Stockport Orthodontics

74 Macclesfield Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport, Cheshire, SK7 6DT (01625) 800333

Provided and run by:
Dr Rachel Suzy Vine

Latest inspection summary

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Background to this inspection

Updated 24 September 2015

We carried out this inspection under Section 60 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 as part of our regulatory functions. This inspection was planned to check whether the practice was meeting the legal requirements and regulations associated with the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

This inspection was carried out on 29 June 2015. The inspection was led by a CQC inspector who had access to remote advice from a specialist advisor.

We reviewed information received from the provider prior to the inspection including the statement of purpose. We informed NHS Area Team that we were inspecting the practice; however we did not receive any information of concern from them.

During the inspection we toured the premises and spoke with the principal dentist and dental nurse. We also spoke with patients following their appointments.

To get to the heart of patients’ experiences of care and treatment, we always ask the following five questions:

  • Is it safe?
  • Is it effective?
  • Is it caring?
  • Is it responsive to people’s needs?
  • Is it well-led?

These questions therefore formed the framework for the areas we looked at during the inspection.

Overall inspection

Updated 24 September 2015

We carried out an announced comprehensive inspection on 29 June 2015 to ask the practice the following key questions; Are services safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led?

Our findings were:

Are services safe?

We found that this practice was providing safe care in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Are services effective?

We found that this practice was providing effective care in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Are services caring?

We found that this practice was providing caring services in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Are services responsive?

We found that this practice was providing responsive care in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Are services well-led?

We found that this practice was providing well-led care in accordance with the relevant regulations.

This was the first inspection of the service since registering with CQC in February 2015.

Stockport Orthodontics is located in the Hazel Grove area of Stockport and provides specialist orthodontic dental care for patients in and around the Stockport area. The practice provides private treatment to adults and to children who do not qualify for NHS orthodontic treatment. The practice has one full time orthodontist (principal dentist/provider) and a dental nurse who also covers reception. At the time of this inspection there were seven patients registered with the practice.

The principal dentist is the registered provider for the practice. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the practice is run.

Six patients provided feedback about the service. Feedback from patients was positive about the treatment and care they received at the practice. Patients were complementary about the staff and told us they were treated with respect, kindness and consideration.

The practice has ramp access to the front entrance and disabled toilet facilities are provided. The treatment room and waiting room are on the ground floor. There is a separate decontamination room on the first floor. Patients commented that the practice was always clean and hygienic.

The principal dentist and one dental nurse worked at this practice. The practice was open Tuesday and Thursday 9am until 3pm and one Saturday per month 9am until 1pm. When the practice was closed calls were transferred to the dentist or another practice. The practice provided later appointments and weekend appointments on request. There are plans to extend the opening hours and staffing levels as and when the patient list increases.

Our key findings were:

  • There were effective safeguarding processes in place and staff understood their responsibilities to protect patients from harm.
  • The practice kept up to date with current guidelines and research.
  • There were systems in place in relation to safe working practices to help ensure patient safety.
  • There were maintenance contracts in place to ensure all equipment had been serviced regularly, including, autoclave, fire extinguishers, the air compressor, oxygen cylinder and X-ray equipment.
  • There were effective systems in place to reduce the risk and spread of infection. The premises were visibly clean and well maintained. There were policies and procedures providing guidance on how to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Information about treatment options was provided. This enabled patients to make informed decisions about their treatment.
  • Patients gave signed consent before treatment commenced. Dental care records demonstrated on-going monitoring of patients’ oral health. Patients were asked to provide information about their general health and any medications they were taking before treatment started.
  • Patients were provided with a written copy of their treatment plan which also indicated the costs of individual treatments.
  • Patients were provided with information and guidance relating to good oral health.
  • Staff were supported to maintain their continuing professional development (CPD) and had undertaken training appropriate to their roles.

There were areas where the provider could make improvements and should:

  • Review availability of equipment to manage medical emergencies giving due regard to guidelines issued by the Resuscitation Council (UK), and the General Dental Council (GDC) standards for the dental team.