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LOC - Leaders in Oncology Care

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Inspection carried out on 7 January 2014

During a routine inspection

We spoke to four people who were using the service and they told us that they had signed written consent forms. We looked at four people's records and noted that they had consent forms which were signed by the person who was using the service and their consultant. One person who used the service told us "I felt fully involved at every stage of my treatment."

Staff we spoke with told us that they would administer medicines to people where they were prescribed by the consultant as part of the individual regime agreed for the person using the service. Staff told us that they had received training in the administration of medication and staff training records confirmed this.

Appropriate checks had been undertaken before staff began work. Staff who we spoke with were able to confirm each step they had gone through as part of the recruitment process.

The service used a range of methods to monitor the quality of its services, including collecting the views of people who used it. People expressed positive comments to us on the service, such as 'the staff are responsive and I feel listened to."

People who spoke with us told us they felt confident that if they had a complaint or issue, that this would be listened to and responded to quickly. There was a complaints policy in place and staff we spoke to were aware of it and knew what action to take and who to contact if they received a complaint.

Inspection carried out on 4 March 2013

During a routine inspection

People who use the service told us that they were given information about their care and treatment before they underwent procedures. They said that staff were "very professional", "welcoming and friendly" and "very attentive".

People who use the service described it as "very good" and "fantastic" and �excellent�. Appropriate medical checks were undertaken before people received treatment and they received appropriate after-care. Staff had been trained in what to do in a medical emergency and there were emergency drugs and equipment available.

Staff were trained in safeguarding vulnerable adults. There was a policy and procedure in place on how to report any concerns, including to the local authority.

When staff started working at the service they received an induction. Staff undertook mandatory training on an annual basis, including what to do in a medical emergency. There was a procedure in place for all staff to receive an annual appraisal where their performance would be discussed and targets set for the coming year.

Staff at the service monitored the clinical outcomes of the treatment of patients. Regular patient feedback questionnaires were completed. People using the service told us that they would be happy to raise any concerns with staff if they had any.

Inspection carried out on 16 March 2011

During a routine inspection

People who use services felt that staff did their best to protect their privacy and always treated them with respect. Most people felt that staff listened to them and offered them choices about their care and treatment as far as possible.

We talked to people and spent time observing care been delivered to people, overall the feedback was that people are been care for, looked after well, are given choices and have the opportunity to form good relationships with staff.