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Archived: BPAS - Oxford Central

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1st Floor, Rectory Centre, 27-29 Rectory Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX4 1BU 0345 730 4030

Provided and run by:
British Pregnancy Advisory Service

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30 August and 26 September 2022

During a routine inspection

We have not rated this unit before. We rated it as good because:

  • Staff had training in key skills, understood how to protect clients from abuse, and managed safety well. Staff assessed risks to clients, acted on them and kept good care records. They managed medicines well. The service managed safety incidents well and learned lessons from them.
  • Staff provided good care and treatment and gave clients pain relief when they needed it. Managers monitored the effectiveness of the service and made sure staff were competent. Staff worked well together for the benefit of clients, advised them on how to lead healthier lives, supported them to make decisions about their care, and had access to good information. Key services were available to suit clients' needs.
  • Staff treated clients with compassion and kindness, respected their privacy and dignity, took account of their individual needs, and helped them understand their conditions. They provided emotional support to clients, families and carers.
  • Leaders ran the services well using reliable information systems and supported staff to develop their skills. Staff understood the service’s vision and values, and how to apply them in their work. Staff felt respected, supported and valued. They were focused on the needs of clients receiving care. Staff were clear about their roles and accountabilities.


  • The unit had fabric chairs in the unit waiting room. Although these were regularly cleaned, they were stained and appeared to be dirty.
  • The unit was in an area that was difficult to access, with limited off-site parking and access to the department was via other units.

8 October 2015

During a routine inspection

The termination of pregnancy service and vasectomy service at BPAS Oxford Central followed procedures to provide safe care to patients. There were sufficient numbers of suitably trained staff available to care for patients. The environment and equipment was visibly clean and staff followed infection control procedures. Staff were aware of safeguarding procedures and had received training in safeguarding adults and children.

Medicines were appropriately managed to ensure they were safe to use. BPAS carried out a monthly audit that reviewed the safe storage of medicines. The centre had scored 100% compliance with this audit (September 2015).However, we found that the audit template was brief and did not give details on findings and actions taken.

There were appropriate procedures in place to provide effective care. Care was provided in line with Department of Health Required Standard Operating Procedures. A multidisciplinary team cared for patients while working in a coordinated way and staff had appropriate skills and competencies.

The centre adhered to the clinical guidelines for vasectomy procedures. It was 100% compliant with the outcomes of a vasectomy nursing and quality audit’(August 2015) that measured the effectiveness and quality of care provided for men undergoing vasectomy.

Patients had access to the BPAS Aftercare Line, a telephone service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Patients received compassionate care and their privacy and dignity were respected. All women who considered termination of pregnancy had access to pre-termination counselling.

The centre was responsive to patients’ needs. A professional interpreter service was available to enable staff to communicate with patients who did not speak English as their first language. Support was provided to patients with a learning disability and other complex needs.

The service monitored its performance against the waiting time guidelines set by the Department of Health. Department of Health Required Standard Operating Procedures state that women should be offered an appointment within five working days of referral. They should then be offered an abortion procedure within five working days of the decision to proceed. Across Oxfordshire 94% of women were given an appointment within the recommended time. However, only 57% of women had termination between five working days from decision to proceed to termination of pregnancy (July to September 2015).The service had completed an analysis to establish the reasons for this delay which showed that most of the delay related to the women’s choice.

There were effective governance arrangements to manage risk and quality. Staff felt supported by the centre and regional management. Staff considered the leadership and visibility of senior managers to be good. The culture within the service was caring and supportive. The service was active in engaging with the wider public and service innovation was encouraged and supported. Staff spoke positively about the high quality care and services they provided for patients and were proud to work for BPAS.