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Oxfordshire Shared Lives Scheme Good

Inspection Summary

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Updated 20 March 2019

About the service:

The Shared Lives Scheme is responsible for approving, training and monitoring 'shared lives carers' who provide personal care and support to people (on placements), living with them in their family home. At the time of this inspection the Scheme employed 8 social workers and had 74 approved 'shared lives households' who supported 124 people in placements. At the time of our inspection 33 people were receiving the regulated activity of personal care.

Not everyone using Oxfordshire Shared Lives Scheme receives regulated activity; CQC inspects the service being received by people provided with ‘personal care’; help with tasks related to personal hygiene and eating. Where they do we also take into account any wider social care provided.

People’s experience of using this service:

Oxfordshire Shared Lives Scheme is an extraordinary service which invites people regardless of their care needs to share both family and community life with others. The service is designed to carefully match people to households which in turn contributes to creating a 'personal touch' and a strong, visible person-centred approach. People were truly respected and valued as individuals; and empowered as partners in their care in an exceptional service. The shared lives team recognised and worked with people to reduce social isolation, they were particularly sensitive to times when people needed caring and compassionate support.

There was sufficient number of safely recruited shared lives carers and shared lives workers to keep people safe. People received their medicines as prescribed. Risks to people’s well-being and individual conditions were recorded and updated as required. The management team ensured any lessons learnt were reflected to improve the service and experience for people.

Staff and shared lives carers understood their responsibilities to identify and report all concerns in relation to safeguarding people from abuse. Staff and shared lives carers had completed safeguarding training. Staff had access to effective supervision. Shared lives carers were also positive about the support they received from the team of social workers.

People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and shared lives carers supported them in the least restrictive way possible; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice. Both shared lives workers and shared lives carers were aware of the principles of the Mental Capacity Act. People were supported to access health professionals and any advice received was incorporated into people’s care planning process. People were encouraged to maintain good diet and nutrition.

People received support that met their assessed needs and in line with their care plans. People and their shared lives carers knew how to raise any concerns and told us any concerns were promptly addressed. No people received end of life support at the time of our inspection, people’s end of life wishes where appropriate had been recorded.

Staff spoke positively about the support they received from the registered manager. People and staff complimented the management team and told us they were accessible and approachable. There was a clear staffing structure, staff were aware of their roles and responsibilities and had opportunities to develop in their roles. There were a number of effective quality assurance systems that supported continuous development. The service worked well with other partners, organisations and commissioners and the feedback we received from external professionals about Oxfordshire Shared Lives Scheme was very positive.

Rating at last inspection:

Good (report published 21 November 2016)

Why we inspected:

This was our scheduled, planned inspection based on previous rating.

Follow up:

We will monitor all intelligence received about the service to inform the assessment of the risk profile of the service and to ensure the next planned inspection is scheduled accor

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Updated 20 March 2019

The service remains safe.

Details are in our Safe findings below.



Updated 20 March 2019

The service remains effective.

Details are in our Effective findings below.



Updated 20 March 2019

The service was exceptionally caring.

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Updated 20 March 2019

The service remains responsive.

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Updated 20 March 2019

The service remains well-led.

Details are in our Well-led findings below.