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Archived: Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre

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Inspection carried out on 30 October 2013

During a routine inspection

Since the inspection of March 2013 the service had continued to look at the needs of the wider community and innovative ways to improve services for patients. They were continuing to expand their services so that patients could have access to new care and treatment services within their local community.

Discussions with staff at all levels who were involved in this review were proactive and expressed the aims and objectives to strive for excellence in the services they provided. Care UK recognised the importance of investing in their staff.

The centre received positive feedback from their patients with regards to the staff, the care they delivered and the facilities available. We looked at the NHS Choices website to see what reviews and ratings had been provided by patients. There were 159 ratings to date. Patients were asked to rate staff co-operation, dignity and respect, involvement in decisions, cleanliness and same sex accommodation. The centre had received the top five stars rating across all sectors.

Patients had left numerous positive comments about the service and their experiences. One patient wrote �From the moment I arrived at the hospital, to the moment I left, the staff couldn't have done more for me. The receptionist showed me where to go, the care assistant admitted me, the nurses held my hand during the procedure and helped me afterwards, the consultant treated me with dignity and respect. I was so impressed with the dedication and commitment shown by all. I was instantly put at ease by staff and everything was explained to me, the nurses and doctor were reassuring and empathetic. It's clear to me that the staff work extremely hard to ensure that patients are looked after appropriately and they deserve so much credit�.

Inspection carried out on 13 March 2013

During a routine inspection

Emerson�s Green was one of three treatment centres in UKSH South West. It specialised in dental surgery, diagnostics, ear, nose and throat procedures, endoscopy, general surgery, gynaecology, joint replacements, minor orthopaedic surgery, ophthalmology and urology.

We were supported throughout our visit by a dedicated management team and various other clinical and non clinical staff. All staff involved in the inspection clearly supported UKSH South West and their commitment to deliver high quality clinical and medical services in a manner that significantly improved the patient experience.

Patients recently wrote to the centre and said �What I liked most was the way you worked as a team in a very professional way showing respect to patients at all times, nothing was too much trouble and help was always there when needed� and �Thank you for the fabulous care and kindness, it has been like a holiday�.

Satisfaction surveys were given to patients who used UKSH South West. Satisfaction levels had remained consistently high since the opening of the three UKSH South West treatment centres in 2009.

Patient experience was rated from one to five, one signifying a bad experience, five representing an excellent experience. Patients were asked if staff were helpful and efficient. 97% rated this as good and excellent. 100% of all patients rated the centres as being excellent in respect of being welcoming and clean. 99% of patients would recommend UKSH South West to people.

Inspection carried out on 11 January 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with six patients including those in outpatients, patients that were admitted into wards and those in the post operation day care area.

The six patients that we spoke with, confirmed that they were involved in their care. Patients said when they went for their initial assessment, the surgeons explained the options available; they were given advice based on the information they had from test results and X-rays. The risks were explained so that they could make informed decisions.

One person said �it was difficult at first to make the surgeon understand the problem, but I was listened to and in the end I was right and surgery was the correct course of action.� Another patient said that when they were unsure about what treatment to have, they were given time to think about their options before any further treatment took place.

Another patient said "my gown was warm and this made me feel safe".

We spoke with four post operative patients in the day care unit. These individuals said they were given feedback forms when the nurse came to discuss their discharge. Patients said they could complete the forms and hand them in before they left or they could post their response at a later date.

We spoke to a patient having outpatient�s treatment following a procedure and this person told us that during their pre operation assessment they signed the consent form. The surgeon went through the procedure they were to have, they were given the information in writing and the risks were explained to them. On the day of their operation the same surgeon that asked them to sign the consent form carried out the operation.

One patient said that because their operation was delayed to give them time to reach the most suitable decision for them, they had another surgeon carry out their procedure. This patient said before the operation the surgeon carrying out the operation sought their written consent and they discussed the procedure, the risks and the side effects again.

Another patient told us that during the pre operation assessments the surgeon discussed the options available and they agreed with the diagnosis. The surgeon showed them their X-ray to explain the procedures needed and they were able to see the problem. They said that consent was sought again before their operation because it was not the same surgeon but the reasons for not having the same surgeon were not explained.

Patients having day care procedures told us that following their treatment, the surgeon told them the outcome of their procedures. The follow-up treatment and check-ups to follow were explained at this stage.

We asked two patients in the ward about the treatment they received. Both patients said they had a care plan but they had not asked to see it or about it. They said they felt confident with the care they were receiving from the staff.

Patients told us �I am well treated; the nurses know how to care for me�. Another said �I was touched by the skills of the staff, nothing is too much trouble�. A third person said �staff are good, they know what they are doing, and they are very competent�.

We observed staff explaining the process to people in outpatients. These discussions were at eye level and where it was appropriate touched the patients hand to offer reassurance.

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