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Archived: Total Community Care

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Inspection carried out on 24 July 2013

During a routine inspection

We contacted eight people who used the service and spoke with three of them. Each person told us that they were very satisfied with the quality of care and support they received. People told us that they had been involved in choosing who supported them and in decisions about their care and support.

One person told us, "I'm satisfied with my carers. They are like good friends. They do all of the things that are in my care plan. I was involved in the recruitment of the team that support me." Another person told us, "I've got very good carers. I am satisfied with the care and support I get. The carers understand my needs. They have been trained really well. I'm involved in decisions about my care. I know how to raise concerns and I'm confident that the company would listen."

A relative of a person who used the service told us, "We chose Total Community Care because of their model of care. They provide a designated team of carers which is fantastic because it means continuity of care. Being able to be involved in appointing care workers was important. I'm a tough judge and I can say that it's a very impressive organisation. They deliver and monitor care. The staff have been trained to fully understand people's needs."

What people told us confirmed what we found when we spoke with staff, reviewed people's care plans, training records and other documentation. The provider had effective processes for supporting staff and monitoring the quality of care.

Inspection carried out on 27 June 2012

During a routine inspection

We reviewed a recent survey of people who used the service and spoke to three relatives of people who used the service. Comments that people who used the service had made included:

`Satisfied with everything you are doing. Carry on doing what you are doing.'

`Staff are well trained.'

`Staff respect my wishes and opinions.'

`Total Community Care exceed all of my care package expectations.'

One relative told us, "I'm satisfied. The carers are very good. The same team of six carers support my son. I regularly check with my son whether he is satisfied and he tells me he is. I know I can raise concerns with one of directors, he is very accommodating.'

Another relative told us, "The service is excellent. We have the same team of carers which works very well. We had a lot of say about who could be in the care team. We feel very much involved and feel we are part of the team. The carers are very respectful towards our son."

A third relative we spoke to told us, "I've been fully involved from start to finish. Mine is a very happy story. We've had the same team of carers for four years; that continuity of care has been very important to us."