Archived: Toller Road

13 Toller Road, Stoneygate, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE2 3PH (0116) 270 3118

Provided and run by:
Castlebeck Care (Teesdale) Limited

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20 June 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with two of the four people using the service. The other two people did not want to speak with us. We also spoke with an advocate who represented all of the people using the service.

The people we spoke with told us they liked using the service. They said there were enough staff to support them to do what they wanted to do.

The advocate told us the provider worked well with other providers. They described a recent example of a person using the service moving into the community, with support from a different provider. They told us this had been successful because the provider had worked well with the new provider.

We found people were involved in decisions their daily lives. If people did not have capacity to make a decision, the provider acted in accordance with the relevant legislation, to protect their human rights. We found the provider did not use systems to record consent effectively so there was a risk people would not be asked for their agreement to care and treatment, including, for example using physical restraint.

We saw that people using the service were relaxed with care workers. The provider reported allegations of abuse to the appropriate agencies. Care workers understood their responsibilities for protecting people from abuse and were confident the provider took appropriate action to protect people.

We found the provider kept appropriate records. These were accurate and fit for purpose.

22 November 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke to four out of five people using the service on the day of our inspection visit. All four said the service was meeting their needs. Comments included, 'I do like living at Toller Road. I do like Joe's food.' and 'It's alright. It's going okay.' We found the provider had appropriate systems for assessing people's needs and planning care and treatment.

People told us they were involved in meetings to discuss their care and treatment. We saw that people were routinely offered choice in their daily lives. Care workers listened to people's views and took them into account when planning care. People using the service knew they could speak with an advocate. One person told us their advocate was helping them to make a complaint. The provider told people how they could complain about the service. Care workers supported people to complain if necessary.

The environment was visibly clean. People told us they were satisfied with the cleanliness. There were effective systems for preventing and controlling the risk of infection.

We asked people about staff at the service. Comments included, 'The staff's okay.' and 'They're alright.' Staff were supported through training programmes and appraisal. Some staff were not receiving formal supervision. The manager was aware of this and was taking action to ensure all staff received supervision.

30 March 2012

During an inspection in response to concerns

People told us they liked living at Toller Road and the care was good. One person said, 'It is really nice here they take me to play bingo, go shopping and on Fridays we go to a disco in Leicester.' People also commented on the food provided by the home. One person said, 'The food is really nice but if I don't want it they will cook me something else'.

People also told us they felt safe in the home and would tell the staff if they had any concerns. One person said 'I'm happy here, but if I wasn't I can tell XXX (staff member) and they will sort it out.' Another person commented, 'We are like a big family here, I'm very happy.'

People got on well with the staff team. One person told us, 'The staff are very friendly.' Another person said, 'I like all the staff and they have really helped me since I've been here.' And a third person gave us a 'thumbs up' when we asked them what they thought of the staff team.

We observed staff interacting with the people who use the service. Their approach was warm and supportive. They encouraged people to do things for themselves, for example clean their own rooms, and to go out into the community.

22 June 2011

During a routine inspection

We spoke with someone who resides at the service. They showed us the plants they were growing in the greenhouse located in the garden. They spoke to us about their plans to go to the gym to get fit and about their starting a cookery course at college. When we looked at their room with them they told us that their relatives visited them.

We were told by someone else that they wrote to their relative who lives overseas. They told us that they regularly go to Church and that they were looking forward to attending a disco that evening.

We observed that people living at the service were confident and relaxed in the company of staff. We saw people being supported by staff to undertake daily living activities. People using the service spoke freely to staff about issues that were important to them. There was a relaxed atmosphere with much laughter and joviality.

People using the service have a range of opportunities both formal and informal to comment on the care and support they receive. People's views are recorded and acted upon. Their ability to make decisions and maintain control of their lives is documented and supported by care and support plans and risk assessments.