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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 4 July 2012
Date of Publication: 26 July 2012
Inspection Report published 26 July 2012 PDF


Inspection carried out on 4 July 2012

During a routine inspection

We visited Culverhayes Nursing Home on 4 July 2012 and spent the day at the service. Culverhayes was divided into three distinct areas. The area called �Culver� could accommodate 19 people; �Hayes� could accommodate 26 people; and �Lymore� 20 people. Each area was covered by a registered nurse and varying numbers of care staff, dependent upon the shift concerned and needs of people. The home had two dedicated activities coordinators and a professional kitchen providing three meals a day.

We met and talked with people who were living at the home on the day we visited. The home was accommodating 65 people, some of whom with a diagnosis of dementia and others with mental health needs. We were able to see all of the people living at the home on the day of our visit, although some were not well enough to communicate their views to us.

We met and talked with a number of visitors to the home, including relatives, carers and healthcare professionals. We talked with various members of the staff team, including the manager, nursing staff, care workers, the chef and kitchen staff, and the activities team.

During our visit we observed care given to people, looked at care records and talked with people and visitors about their experiences of Culverhayes Nursing Home. We talked with the staff about how people were able to provide consent. Staff told us about keeping people at the home safe from abuse and their training in this area. We looked at care records to see if the care people needed was understood and being safely delivered. Staff told us about their training and supervision and how they were supported to do their job.

We observed care being delivered safely and with kindness and patience. People who lived at the home told us �I am happy here� and �they look after me well�. One person said �the food�s good� and staff were �very kind�.

We met with a number of visitors to the home. Relatives and friends of people at the home told us �staff here are brilliant�, �the family are made to feel welcome� and �we could not ask for a better place�.

We met two healthcare professionals visiting the home, one of whom was from local GP practice that supports people living at the home. The GP told us the care notes were �particularly good�. These records and staff knowledge enabled the doctors attached to the home to get to know people �very well�.

We found staff knew people well. Where possible they made sure people understood what staff wanted them to do and what was happening to them. Staff knew about safeguarding people from abuse and how they were supported by the home to raise concerns.

Care records we looked at contained plenty of detail about how to look after people but they did not carry a basic assessment of people�s needs in order to make it clear why people needed certain forms of intervention.