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Archived: Charlton Kings Care Home Good

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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 4 December 2015

Charlton Kings care home is owned by Charlton Care Limited. It is situated in the town of Cheltenham and offers accommodation for up to 36 older men and women. The service is a care home without nursing and provides accommodation for people who require personal care. There were 24 people who used the service at the time of the inspection. The previous inspections of April 2013 show the standards were not met. These standards included; consent to care and treatment, cleanliness and infection control, supporting workers and records. A follow up inspections which took place in July and September 2013 showed the standards were met.

The registered and deputy manager were present at the time of the inspection. They will be referred throughout this report as the management team. There was a registered manager in post at the service. A registered manager is a person who has been registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service and has the legal responsibility for meeting the requirements of the law; as does the provider. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.

People told us if there were any concerns they could speak to the care staff and the registered manager who were always available. People’s concerns were promptly actioned which were used as an opportunity to enhance the provision of care. People spoke positively about the service and were encouraged to provide feedback about the care they received. People had access to a range of activities which prevented social isolation and promoted an active life where people could enjoy their time at Charlton Kings care home.

The service had a good management and leadership team. Relatives were involved in their family members care and the enthusiasm of the care staff was observed throughout our inspection visits. People’s care and welfare needs were regularly monitored with the assistance of the local GP and the multi professional agencies. The provider had robust systems in place to assess and monitor the quality of the service to ensure people received consistent standards of care which enhanced people’s quality of life.

Staff told us there was an open culture and the environment was an enjoyable place to work. People felt management had their best interests at heart and they were integral to the process of providing effective care to people. Family members and friends said the management was approachable and transparent. Staff said management was supportive and open to their development of skill and knowledge. For example, there was regular training for staff to enhance their competence in their caring role.

Inspection areas



Updated 4 December 2015

The service was safe:

The provider had in place effective procedures to ensure concerns about people’s safety were appropriately addressed. Staff could describe clearly, recognise, record and report suspected abuse.

There was adequate staff on duty and people had built up trusting relationships. The staff rota showed there were sufficient staff on duty to meet peoples assessed needs. The registered manager followed robust recruitment and selection practices and procedures. This ensured potential employees selected were of good character had the qualifications, skills knowledge and experience necessary to carry out their role.

People’s medicines were safely managed and the practice and procedures followed maintained minimal risk for error. A medicine round was observed and found to be safe. There were clear policies and procedures in the safe handling and administration of medicines. People medicines were safely stored and their medicines were given as per prescription. People were supported to take their medicine safely and according to their wishes.



Updated 4 December 2015

The service was effective:

Senior staff were confident in their role and felt they had the knowledge to support people’s needs which enriched people’s quality of life. People confirmed their needs and preferences were respected by staff which followed good practice guidelines.

People were supported by a staff team who were carefully chosen to provide care treatment and support to people with changing needs. Their care plans showed people were encouraged to maintain their independence.



Updated 4 December 2015

This service was caring

People were treated with kindness and compassion in their day to day care. We saw people were given the choice when accepting visitors. Visiting was flexible and people had the choice and in some instances support to make their own decision with flexible visiting time. One person told us, “I choose when I wish to see my visitor”.

Residents said that their relatives and friends are able to visit without undue restriction.

People received care and support from staff who knew and understood their history; likes, preferences, needs, hopes and goals. The relationships between staff and people receiving support consistently demonstrated dignity and respect at all times.

Staff knew how to respond, understand each person’s diverse, cultural, gender and spiritual needs in a caring and compassionate way. For example, staff provided care in a personalised and individualised manner, people spoke positively about the person centred care they received.



Updated 4 December 2015

The service was responsive:

People were able to discuss how they maintained hobbies and interests. A variety of activities were available, hobbies and interests for people to take part whenever they wished.

During our visits, afternoon activities where taking place there were weekly programme available to inform people of hobbies.

The people were keen to engage and were guided in the task gently by the care worker who evidenced good communication skills and supported people with patience and maintained their dignity at all times.



Updated 4 December 2015

The service was well led:

The management team were approachable and the culture was transparent. The providers had a long established career in care and were supported by a reliable team of staff with varying skills and experiences.

The service had a warm and welcoming atmosphere; there were plans to update and renovates parts of the property to make change to support a residential care environment. A respite unit is being designed to support friends and families nearing the end of life. People had added personal touches to their rooms and their pride in their surroundings was apparent. People were confident and open and responsive in their feedback. Families and friends spoke positively about the staff and the management team.

Regular audits took place and people were given the opportunity to provide feedback on the care, support, treatment they received within the service. Relatives were involved in the care, planning and feedback for their significant others.

There were effective monitoring systems in place to measure and test out the quality of care, make continual enhancements to the service and the premises. There was an open door culture and up to date policies and procedures to maintain people’s safety and welfare.