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Archived: St Mary's Residential Care Home

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Inspection carried out on 21 March 2012

During a routine inspection

We asked people about living at the home and two people agreed to give us feedback about their experiences. We were told they made decisions about what to wear, where to go and what to eat. One person said �I can tell the staff about buying clothes, they ask me what I want to do and I can refuse if I don�t want to do it�. Another person said �I can go out independently, I can catch the bus and I can make my own refreshments�.

People said that they discussed with the staff the way they wanted their needs to be met. One person said �I have a file and we go through it with the staff�. When we showed one person their care plan, they confirmed that they had agreed with the way their care was to be provided.

We were told that there was a specific member of staff that acted as a key worker. People gave the following examples of their key worker�s role, �I do everything with my key worker, we do things in the home, we go to the cinema, and they come with me to the doctors� and on appointments�. Another person said �My key worker takes me to the hairdresser and we go out for meals�.

We asked people about the way they kept themselves occupied during the day. One person said �I go out every day, I go to the drop in centre and I like knitting� another person said �I go to the day centre, the cinema and take part in activities organised by the staff�.

People said they felt safe at the home and we were told who they would approach if they had complaints or concerns. We asked about people who may become aggressive or violent and one person said �I can sometimes shout and staff tell me not to shout, they say we don�t want you to get upset�.

People told us the staff were �good� and they knew how to care for them. One person said �I need support from staff when I go out because of my health needs�. Another person said �I get on well with the staff, they give me my medication and they help me with budgeting.�