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Archived: Cheverells Care Home

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Inspection carried out on 22 June 2013

During a routine inspection

Cheverells Care home was last inspected by the Care Quality Commission on 29 January 2013. We found improvements were required in relation to maintaining accurate records.

People told us �I am treated very well.� We found people were well cared for at Cheverells. People told us that staff explained what they were doing when they helped them. We found staff understood that they needed to ask for people�s consent before helping them and we saw assessments in people�s files detailing the areas where they were not able to give informed consent.

We observed staff treating people with kindness. People told us, �I like it here, it isn�t a bad life� and �they ask me�..what would you like us to call you, Mrs X or X?� People told us, ��we are always joking and laughing.� We found staff knew the people they cared for well and we saw information about people�s health and social needs in their files.

We found there were sufficient staff on duty at all times to ensure people�s welfare and safety. Staff had care experience and some had care qualifications which enabled them to do their job with a good knowledge base and with confidence.

We found there was a complaints procedure in place. The people we spoke to and the staff all felt confident about raising any concerns and that they would be followed up.

We found record keeping had been improved. There were appropriate health assessments in place to help staff identify risks and put a plan in place to address risks.

Inspection carried out on 29 January 2013

During a routine inspection

We carried out this unannounced inspection during one day, speaking with 12 people who live at the home, five staff and the registered manager/providers. We spent time observing how care and support was delivered and had lunch with people. We also looked at some key records. These included care plans, staff training files, risk assessments and minutes of meetings. This helped us to make a judgement about how well the home was being run.

We found that people�s care was being well planned. People were involved in making decisions about their care and treatment. People we spoke with said that they were happy with their care and support. Comments included ��The staff here are unfailingly kind to people even in trying situations�� ��I have been here five years now and could not be better cared for.��

The provider ensured that staff had training and support to do their job effectively. Staff told us that they were offered regular training and support. One commented �� the providers go out of their way to give us good training and support.��

The provider had developed systems and checks to ensure that they reviewed and monitored the quality of care provided. This included involving and listening to people who lived at the home as well as staff.

Records relating to people�s care were not always accurate or well maintained, however. Improvements were needed to ensure that all risks were clearly identified and care and support given was accurately recorded.