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Archived: Slough Dom Care

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Inspection carried out on 25 January 2013

During a routine inspection

People told us they were supported by staff. One person commented, �They come to talk to me when I need them.� . We looked at the support plan of the person whose identified support need was staying safe and saw staff were delivering care which ensured their safety.

We visited the homes of two people using the service. We observed that all medicines were stored in lockable cabinets. People showed us where they kept their keys for their medicine cabinet, we saw they were kept in a secure place.

People told us there were enough members of staff to support them. We asked people how they would find a member of staff to talk to if they needed help. One person commented, �I come to the office if I need staff.� We saw there were enough members of staff available to cover the rostered shifts.

People told us that they could raise any concerns they had with staff. One person commented, �If I am not happy, I tell staff.� Staff stated they would encourage people to feedback about the care and support they received by supporting them to complete customer satisfaction questionnaires. We looked at some which had recently been completed. They showed people had ticked to confirm they knew how to make a complaint.

Staff told us they had attended Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards training. This training equipped them to understand when consent should be obtained, by whom and in what circumstances.

Inspection carried out on 17 January 2011

During a routine inspection

People told us that staff explained the care and support options available to them. They said they were involved in planning their care and making decisions on the level of support they required.

People said that staff followed their support plan and they were happy with the care they were receiving. They said that staff addressed them by their preferred name and spoke to them in a respectful and calm manner.

People said that they felt safe and comfortable with staff looking after them and that staff were kind and helpful.

People described staff as very experienced and aware of their needs. They said that they were happy with the care and support they were receiving from the service.