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Archived: Chaseview Nursing Home

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Inspection carried out on 29 December 2010 and 28 January 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

We spent time sitting and talking with people in the main lounges upstairs on the nursing floor and downstairs on the residential floor. We spoke to three people who were having their hair dressed, and spoke to four staff about their role and responsibilities and the care given in the home.

We saw that people were involved in daily activities, listening to music, watching television, having their hair dressed and nails manicured. They were treated kindly by staff and there were good interactions between care staff and the people in the home. People said that they were happy with their care or indicated by a thumbs up sign that they were. We found that there were delays in updating records.

We were told that care plans and personal risk assessments were kept up to date, and that there was a system of auditing and monitoring of these in place.

However, one of the three care plans we looked at had not been updated in relation to a person whose needs had changed following discharge from a hospital stay. Care staff spoken to were able to tell us how to care for the person despite the delay in recording. People were seen to have their needs anticipated and met.

We were told that the home is well staffed for the numbers and dependency levels of the people using the service, and that cover is always provided when care staff need to escort individuals using the service to clinic appointments.

During our visit we saw that there were not enough care staff available. One agency care staff had not turned up for the morning shift on the nursing floor, and the nurse in charge of that floor had not reported this to the care manager at the time. There was also a shortfall of one care staff on the residential downstairs floor. This was due to a staff member escorting a person for a planned clinic appointment that morning.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)