Archived: Haven Lodge

4 Haven View, Harbour Road, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 7QA (01275) 399939

Provided and run by:
Southern Cross (Portishead) OPCO Limited

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8 September 2011

During an inspection looking at part of the service

In May 2011 we carried out a review of Haven Lodge Nursing Home and we identified one area of non compliance and areas where the service needed to make improvements. Following the review the provider told us about the changes they intended to make. The purpose of this review was to check on those improvements. The areas we have looked at have been referred to above.

Because of their dementia, the people we spoke with on this occasion were unable to evaluate and discuss their care with us. When we visited in May 2011, we received positive comments from those we spoke with.

We observed the care staff supporting the people they were looking after. We found the staff to be attentive to people's request for assistance, friendly and kind. People appeared very relaxed in the company of staff and there was a good rapport between the staff and the people who live in the home.

People told us 'I look forward to my meals', 'lunch was very nice. The meals are always nice' and 'my wife as eaten all her meal, she does enjoy the food here and has a very good appetite'.

People we spoke with told us 'the staff are helpful and always around to help me', 'the staff are always busy, we all need a lot of help' and 'they all work really hard and yet keep a smile on their face'. One relative we were able to speak with told us that there were more staff around during meal times now and this made things a lot calmer.

10, 15 May 2011

During a routine inspection

People told us that they were involved in decisions being made about their care and support. 'My memory is very poor, and I need a lot of help, but the girls always ask me what I want to do', 'I am very content here' and 'I tell the staff what I want to do and they let me'. 'I am happy with the way I am looked after' and 'I am looked after in the way I want to be and the staff are very accommodating'.

Relatives we were able to speak with made the following comments.. 'I come in every day around the lunch time to help feed my parent', 'My relative is very well looked after' and 'the staff are very attentive and keep me informed about care issues'.

We received a range of comments from people we were able to speak with during our visit. 'I like the roast dinners and only want to have toast for my breakfast', 'The food is ok, we get a choice and can ask for an alternative' and 'the food can be very bland. I have been here so long it feels like we are always eating the same meals'. We found that meal times can be chaotic, that a lot of people need support with feeding and the lack of available staff impacts upon people's meal time experience.

People are supported to access other healthcare services such as community based nurses, diabetic liaison nurses, chiropodists, dentists and opticians, and their GP will be asked to visit as and when necessary.

People that we spoke with during our visit told us that they felt safe and were well looked after. They told us that the staff were kind and helpful and 'always willing to do what they can for me'. One person said that staff always spoke to them nicely and were respectful.

People we spoke with told us that the home was clean and tidy. 'They come in to my room every day and empty the bins and clean the shower room' and 'everywhere is kept spic and span'.

People told us that they receive the support to take the medicines that they need.

People we spoke with had the following comments to make about Haven Lodge. 'This is a very modern home and is very comfortable', 'I chose to come and live here because the home is so nice and new' and 'It is a pity that a hoist can not be safely moved into my en-suite, as it means I can not access my shower'.

People that we spoke with did not make any comments in respect of the recruitment of staff but were generally complimentary about the staff that supports them. 'The staff are very kind and helpful', 'the carers are alright' and 'some staff are more experienced than others but they seem willing to learn'.

Some of the people living in the home, and visitors we spoke with during our visit told us 'We have to wait sometimes for staff to be able to pair up and help me', 'the staff are always very busy and rushed', 'I get the help I need eventually' and 'I do worry when my relative is alone in their room and one of the others may wander in and pester them'.

We found that people's care may be compromised because they had to wait for staff to become available. The numbers of care staff on duty do not take account of the needs of all the people living in the home.

People we met during our visit told us they felt able to raise any concerns or complaints they may have. 'I am quite content and have no complaints but I would speak to the nurses if I did', 'I have complained in the past and things got put right' and 'I am not happy about an issue at the moment, the staff have explained why they have to do things the way they do, but I am still not happy'.