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Archived: Spire Methley Park Hospital

Methley Lane, Methley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS26 9HG (01977) 518518

Provided and run by:
Classic Hospitals Limited

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12 February 2014

During a routine inspection

During our inspection we spoke with three patients who all spoke very positively about their experience of care and treatment at Spire Methley Park Hospital. All three patients confirmed staff had explained everything well and consent was obtained prior to any surgery or treatment. One patient commented, 'I would strongly recommend this hospital'.

We spoke with the hospital director, the matron, the quality manager, a consultant, and six members of staff. The staff members we spoke with were knowledgeable about their own area of work and how they provided care and support to patients in their own departments.

We looked at the medical records for three patients. They contained relevant information such as past medical history, referral information, pre-assessment information and risk assessments. They recorded the type of procedure and surgeon carrying out the procedure. Discharge planning was documented, showing patients had appropriate care arranged when going home.

We reviewed a sample of five staff records and found appropriate checks had been undertaken before staff began work.

We looked at the complaints policy and saw there was a system of responding to and investigating complaints received by the hospital.

17 January 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with two patients who told us that staff were excellent; very kind, knowledgeable and caring.

All the patients we spoke with told us they felt their dignity and privacy was respected, both in how they were treated, as well as the way in which information about them was shared between staff. One person told us 'they always ask if it's okay to do things and they always tell you what they are going to doing'.

The hospital had their own corporate policies and procedures in place for safeguarding adults and a whistleblowing policy which advised staff how to tell about any concerns they had was also available.

We spoke to four members of staff who told us they enjoyed working at the hospital, received good training which was easy to access and took part in the 'enabling excellence' scheme as their appraisal system. However the provider may find it useful to note that it would be good practice to formalise clinical supervision / one to one sessions for the benefit of staff and management.

We asked people about making complaints if they were unhappy about any aspect of the service and without exception the people we spoke with said they would talk to a nurse or a member of the management team and they felt confident that any complaints would be dealt with swiftly.

19 December 2011

During a routine inspection

We spoke with two patients who were generally positive about their experience and complimented both the services and staff at the hospital.

One patient said:

'The staff are very good, they are brilliant.'

Another patient said:

'The environment is pleasant and the staff are helpful.'