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Archived: Making Space Bolton Outreach Service


Inspection carried out on 18 February 2013

During a routine inspection

We visited the office of Making Space Bolton Outreach Service on 18 February 2013. We spoke with the manager of the service and with the area manager. We were told that people who lived in the flats were referred to as tenants as this was their preferred term of address. We were told that a member of staff was on duty in the office during the day. A member of staff lived in one of the flats and could be contacted when the office was closed should they require assistance.

We were told that the tenants, if necessary would be supported with budgeting, shopping and if requested staff would accompany them to hospital appointments. There was no personal care provided and no medication administered. We were told that for two tenants their medicines were kept in the office for safe keeping and they came daily to collect it. Tenants were expected to carry out their own living tasks such a keeping their flats clean, reporting repairs, cooking and laundry. As a rule staff did not enter any flats without previous written consent. The only time they would enter a tenants flat was if there had been no contact for few days or if someone raised concerns.The scheme prepared tenants for either living independently or in a home with other people where staff support would be provided. We did not speak with tenants in during this inspection. We observed they briefly called in to the office to speak with staff. Staff were supportive and assisted with any queries where possible.

Inspection carried out on 8 December 2011

During a routine inspection

We asked to speak with some people who use the service, however we were told they preferred not meet with us.