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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 19 March 2019

About the Service:

Sherdley Court is part of Making Space, a not for profit organisation operating a range of mental health services across Lancashire and Merseyside. Sherdley Court offers placements for people with a primary diagnosis of a functional mental illness and people who have additionally developed dementia. At the time of our visit there were 25 people living there.

People's experience of using the service:

The leadership of the service demonstrated a high level of experience and capability to deliver excellent care; they were extremely knowledgeable and inspired confidence and passion in the staff team. They promoted a culture that was extremely person-centred and which provided high-quality care with good outcomes for people. The management team placed strong emphasis on the importance of not only supporting people but their family members also. They were described as supportive and approachable and always putting the needs of people first. They showed a continued desire to improve on the service and worked closely with other agencies and healthcare professionals to do this. Effective systems were in place to check on the quality and safety of the service and improvements were made when required.

The atmosphere at Sherdley Court was calm and homely; the management team and staff had developed strong, familiar and positive relationships with people and family members. Throughout the inspection the registered manager, management team and staff were seen to be warm and affectionate towards people and often displayed physical contact that was appropriate and accepted by people.

Staff showed a genuine motivation to deliver care in a person centred way based on people’s preferences. People were treated with kindness, compassion and respect. Staff used techniques to help relax people with positive outcomes. Everyone we spoke with told us Sherdley Court was a homely place to live and staff were always kind and caring towards them. People were encouraged to be as independent as possible and supported to do so by staff.

People told us they felt safe living at the service and family members were confident their relatives were kept safe. Risks that people faced were identified and assessed and measures put in place to manage them and minimise the risk of harm occurring. Staff showed a good understanding of their roles and responsibilities for keeping people safe from harm. Medicines were managed safely and people received medication at the right time. The environment was safe and people had access to appropriate equipment where needed.

Enough suitably qualified and skilled staff were deployed to meet people’s individual needs. Staff received a range training and support appropriate to their role and people's needs.

People’s needs and choices were assessed and planned for. Care plans identified intended outcomes for people and how they were to be met in a way they preferred. People told us they received all the right care and support from staff who were well trained and competent. People received the right care and support to eat and drink well and their healthcare needs were understood and met. People who were able consented to their care and support. Where people lacked capacity to make their own decisions they were made in their best interest in line with the Mental Capacity Act.

People received personalised care and support which was in line with their care plan. People, family members and others knew how to make a complaint and they were confident about complaining should they need to. They were confident that their complaint would be listened to and acted upon quickly.

The leadership of the service promoted a positive culture that was person centred and inclusive. People, family members and staff all described the registered manager and deputy manager as supportive and approachable. The management team showed a continued desire to improve on the service and worked closely with other agencies and health

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Updated 19 March 2019

This service was safe.

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Updated 19 March 2019

This service was effective.

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Updated 19 March 2019

This service was caring.

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Updated 19 March 2019

This service was responsive.

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Updated 19 March 2019

This service was exceptionally well-led.

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