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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 27 December 2013
Date of Publication: 22 January 2014
Inspection Report published 22 January 2014 PDF | 77.76 KB

People should get safe and appropriate care that meets their needs and supports their rights (outcome 4)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Experience effective, safe and appropriate care, treatment and support that meets their needs and protects their rights.

How this check was done

We carried out a visit on 27 December 2013, observed how people were being cared for, talked with people who use the service and talked with carers and / or family members. We talked with staff and reviewed information given to us by the provider.

Our judgement

Care and treatment was planned and delivered in a way that was intended to ensure people's safety and welfare.

Reasons for our judgement

During our inspection we looked at the care files for four people living at Sherdley Court. We saw that staff carried out an assessment for people prior to them moving to the home. Where appropriate their family was involved in the assessment.

Risk assessments had been completed for all the people whose file’s we saw. These included risk assessments for self-neglect, vulnerability to abuse, and relapse of people’s medical conditions. Where an assessment determined that a risk was increased the action to be taken was clearly recorded. All the risk assessments we saw had been updated within the six months prior to our inspection.

Individual care plans were in place for people. All areas of a people’s needs were considered. These included personal relationships, physical health and wellbeing, mental state and cognition and social skills. The areas of need were considered then a plan put in place to meet people’s needs. We saw evidence that people were involved in updates of their care plans each month as a minimum. Care plans were reviewed and re-written every six months.

The manager told us that where people were under 60 years old the ‘recovery star’ was used to help people improve their life skills. The recovery star is a tool to enable staff to support individuals in understanding their recovery and plotting their progress. It assesses areas such as self-care, identity and self-esteem, managing mental health and addictive behaviour.

The staff we spoke with told us they found the care plans easy to follow. They said they received the training required to care for people’s specific needs. Staff also told us that if they noticed a change in a person’s condition they brought it to the attention of more senior staff who could amend the care plan if necessary.

We saw evidence of medical and healthcare professionals regularly visiting the home. These included community psychiatric nurses (CPNs), psychiatrists, district nurses and chiropodists. Where there were concerns about a person’s health it was recorded in their care file that a referral to the appropriate professional had been made. The manager told us that most people were registered with one particular GP practice. However, people had a choice of where they were registered and at the time of our inspection five GP practices were used by the home.

People had a choice of how they spent their days. Some people were able to go out independently, and regular outings were arranged for people, either in small or larger groups. We saw that risk assessments were carried out prior to outings taking place to make sure people had the assistance and care they required while out of the home.

The people we spoke with told us they were happy with the care they received. They told us they liked the staff and thought they were looked after well. We saw that the home was in the process of carrying out a satisfaction survey for people living at the home and their relatives. The results that had been received at the time of our inspection were positive. Comments from relatives included “Staff are excellent and the quality of care is excellent”. When asked about how staff prevented or anticipated crises and reduced risk one relative commented “Management are very proactive”. Comments from people living at Sherdley Court included “I would truly recommend anyone to live here”. People rated the level of care and support given regarding their mental and/or physical needs as ‘excellent’.