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Archived: Drakes Place

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Inspection carried out on 12 January 2014

During a routine inspection

Drakes Place is made up of three adjacent houses registered to provide personal care and accommodation for up to 27 people. The people accommodated had a learning disability and /or a physical disability. The service also had an outreach service that provided personal care to people in their own homes. At the time of the inspection the outreach service provided support to three people.

Some of the people who used the service, on the day of the inspection, had limited or no verbal communication skills. However, we were able to speak with seven people, most of whom were happy with the support provided. People said staff were helpful and respectful, the people enjoyed the food and they were happy with their accommodation. We were able to speak with three staff members who all said they thought a good service was provided at Drakes Place.

On the day of the inspection the accommodation was furnished, decorated and maintained to a good standard. The home was very clean and there were no offensive odours.

There were satisfactory numbers of staff on duty. There were satisfactory records in place to demonstrate staff received appropriate training. The service�s record systems (for example care planning, health and safety and staff training) were all maintained to a satisfactory standard.

Inspection carried out on 21 February 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with a number of people living in the home. Some people had difficulty communicating and we carried out observations to understand the care and support needed. The people who use the service we spoke with said that staff were "really good", they "make us laugh", and "look after us." People told us they liked their bedrooms which were decorated with their personal belongings for example "games console."

We looked at people's care plans, personal care needs, risk assessments and daily routines and found that they encompassed the safety and well-being of people who use the service.

Training records showed that staff had received all relevant training. We noted that staff received regular supervision with annual appraisals in place. Supervision meetings had been completed or arranged for all staff for the commencement of 2013.

People who use the service told us they knew how to raise a concern or complaint and felt confident in doing. They said if they had any issues or concerns they could "tell staff", or "speak to their key-worker."

We reviewed the records and found shortfalls in the way daily recordings were completed which may have an impact on the people who use the service.

The quality of the service was monitored at local and provider level through regular checks. People who use the service, family and staff were provided with the opportunity to give feedback and influence the way the service was run.

Inspection carried out on 26 April 2011

During a routine inspection

We spoke with a number of people living in the home. However some people are unable to verbally communicate. We carried out observations when people could not communicate verbally.

People who were able said they felt safe and secure living in the home and felt their needs were being met. People told us they liked their bedrooms which are decorated and furnished to their own tastes and preferences. People told us they felt involved in decisions about their care, treatment and support. People said that staff members take their time to explain things to them in a way that helps them to understand. Some people said they attended house meetings where they can contribute to the running of the house. People said the felt listened to and felt their opinions and ideas were taken into account. They said that if they had any concerns they can talk to their key worker, any member of staff or the manager. Some people knew about the home�s complaint�s procedure and said it was in a format that helped them understand it.

Some people said they got on well with everyone else in the home and liked the staff team. They felt they were supported and cared for by staff who understood their needs. People told us there was enough staff on duty each day to meet their needs and provide opportunities to go out and attend activities.

People said staff treated them respectfully and were caring and kind. During a visit to the home we observed staff being patient, kind and respectful. Staff members were also observed ensuring people�s privacy and dignity was respected at all times. People who were able told us they are involved in the contents of menus and can choose alternatives if they do not want what is on offer. People said that their dislikes and preferences are always taken into account.

People said they have access to the kitchen although said they do not usually get involved in cooking. Some people said they would like the opportunity to do some cooking.

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