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Archived: Voyage (DCA) (South 2)

This service is now registered at a different address - see new profile


Inspection carried out on 15 February 2013

During a routine inspection

Voyage (DCA) South 2 (part of Voyage 1 Limited) currently provides services to people in small group homes at the Longbarn in South Wales and Barrows Reach in Gloucestershire. A total of 8 people were using the service at the time of the inspection.

We visited the registered office of Voyage (DCA) South 2 on an unannounced inspection which meant that the provider did not know we were coming.

We met with one of the quality assurance managers and looked at the training programme, two care records, staff files and quality assurance documents.

We telephoned a person that used the service and their relatives and asked for their views about the service which we recorded.

We telephoned care staff and discussed their views of working for the agency and the training and support they received.

We received positive comments from people that used the service, their relatives/carers and from staff. Staff members told us that they really enjoyed their job and were supported well by their manager.

One staff member we spoke to said, �I couldn�t ask for a better job. To see a smile on their face (people who used the service) and know that I helped to put it there, it�s great�.

A relative we spoke with said, "My relative came to see us on Sunday supported by staff. They told us they had been writing letters on a computer. The service and staff are brilliant�.