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Archived: Borough of Poole - Supported Living Service Outstanding

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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 4 April 2019

People’s experience of using this service:

• People’s experiences had improved significantly and they now received outstandingly effective, caring and responsive care and support from an exceptionally well led and constantly improving service.

• People consistently told us how they were treated with exceptional kindness, compassion and respect. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback on how staff were supportive and everyone we spoke with praised the service they received. Comments from people and relatives included; “I consider myself the luckiest man ever”, “I feel better about myself. I’ve got things I can do and I’m really busy all the time. I never got out of bed before. My life has improved…This makes me feel able instead of disabled”, and, “I can’t tell you how much her life has improved over the last 12 months.”

• People and staff described how the service made them feel respected, valued and listened to. Respect for privacy and dignity was at the heart of the service's culture and values.

• People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and supported them in the least restrictive way possible; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice.

• People received exceptionally personalised care and support specific to their needs and preferences. People had had the opportunity to choose their own staff and ensure that they were compatible. Each person was respected as an individual, with their own social and cultural diversity, values and beliefs.

• Staff were highly skilled, motivated and knowledgeable. They provided flexible care and support in line with a person's needs and wishes. The staff team was now stable which meant that people had achieved positive outcomes, exceeding their own and others, previous expectations.

• The service was exceptionally well-led. The registered manager demonstrated how their open and listening management style and robust quality assurance systems had sustained continual development and improvement at the service. They had demonstrated ways of working that ultimately improved the outcomes for people they supported. They were clear about their expectations relating to how the service should be provided and led by example. Since the last inspection, they had made many positive changes and were driven to provide an outstanding service. They were supported by a staff and a senior team who were passionate and fully committed to delivering quality person-centred care to people. Staff were motivated by and proud of the service and morale was very high within the service.

Rating at last inspection: GOOD (The date last report published was 13 May 2017).

About the service: Borough of Poole supported living service provides personal care and support to adults with learning disabilities living in their own homes.

Why we inspected: This was a planned inspection based on the rating at the last comprehensive inspection. The service has improved and has now been rated Outstanding.

Follow up: Going forward we will continue to monitor this service and plan to inspect in line with our inspection schedule for those services rated as Outstanding.

For more details, please see the full report which is on the CQC website at

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Updated 4 April 2019

The service was safe

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Updated 4 April 2019

The service was exceptionally effective

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Updated 4 April 2019

The service was exceptionally caring

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Updated 4 April 2019

The service was exceptionally responsive

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Updated 4 April 2019

The service was exceptionally well-led

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