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Oaktree Care Home Requires improvement

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 21 September 2011
Date of Publication: 4 November 2011
Inspection Report published 4 November 2011 PDF | 68.21 KB


Inspection carried out on 21 September 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

We spoke with five people who use the service they told us they enjoy living in the home and that they receive the help and care they need. People said "the carers are nice", "it's a pleasant place to live", "I get the help that I need", "it's very nice and people are very kind", "the food is nice and I get a choice of things" and "they look after me well".

The people we spoke with were unaware that they had a care plan in place which reflected their needs.

People told us that staff come quickly when they press their call bell. One person told us "you can always get hold of somebody".

We asked people about their involvement in activities within the home. One person said "I'm not involved in activities in the home, I don't want to be". They went on to say that the activities coordinators come and see them even though they do not want to be involved in the activities. This resident was aware of the activities occurring within the home because they had been given a newsletter which detailed the activities occurring that month. Other people were aware of the activities going on in the home too and told us that they had been on trips out occasionally, and had been involved in the entertainment within the home. One person told us they had not been involved in any activities which were just for them within the home, although their son takes them out of the home regularly. People told us that they were not bored in the home.

People told us they were unaware that they had a care plan in place and were not involved in the planning of their care. One person told us that they might have been involved but they could not remember having a care plan. Another told us "I don't know about the care plan but they [staff] will help with anything".

People told us they had a choice in the way that care was delivered on a day to day basis. One person said "I usually get up in time for breakfast, but I have stayed in bed until 2pm because I didn't want to get up". Other people told us they are asked when they want to get up too. All of the people that we spoke with told us they were always asked whether they wanted a bath or a shower and that they were given their preference. One person told us they weren't sure if they could have a bath or a shower every day if they wanted one. Another person told us they did not have to wait for a bath or a shower, that they could have one when they got up.

One person told us that when they are taken to the bathroom for a bath or shower the care staff always ensured they took care and covered them up so that their privacy and dignity was maintained.

The people who use the service we spoke with told us that they feel safe in the home. Although most people did not know who to speak with if they felt that they had been put at risk.

No one was able to look after their own medicines so they were all given by staff. People we spoke with said they were happy with how their medicines were looked after. They told us that the times they were given their medicines sometimes varied depending on who was working. One person told us they were sometimes given their night time medicines later than they would have liked.

Two people told us they were always given their creams and ointments although we saw that often care staff had not recorded that they had done so.

We saw some medicines being given after lunch on both floors. These were given in a safe and respectful way.

People we spoke with told us that they felt there were enough staff within the home to care for their needs. People told us that their call bells are responded to in a timely manner by staff.