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Archived: Orton Manor Nursing Home

The provider of this service changed - see new profile


Inspection carried out on 24 June 2013

During a routine inspection

There were 34 people using the service on the day of our inspection visit. We spoke with seven people, three visitors, five members of staff, and the acting manager.

People and their visiting family members told us they were happy with the care and support provided. One person said, �I would recommend this home to anyone.� A visitor told us, �We are more than happy with the care that is provided to our relative.�

Staff knew about the needs of the people they were caring for. We looked at care records for three people and found that these contained guidance for staff on how to meet their needs. Staff we spoke with felt confident the care provided to people living at the home was good.

People and their visiting relatives we spoke with confirmed they knew how to make a complaint if they needed to. One person commented, �There�s really nothing to moan about, but any little thing I�ve raised has been dealt with immediately. You can�t ask for more than that.�

There were systems in place to monitor and assess the quality of the service, which included gathering the views of people living in the home and their relatives.

In this report the name of a registered manager appears who was not in post and not managing the regulatory activities at this location at the time of the inspection. Their name appears because they were still a registered manager on our register at the time.

Inspection carried out on 2 May 2012

During a routine inspection

We visited Orton Manor on 02 May 2012 where we spoke with six people using the service and two visiting family members. We also had discussions with the manager, team leader, nursing staff and care staff.

Following our last review of Orton Manor Nursing Home on 05 August 2011 we had concerns about the care and welfare of people using the service. We told the provider they must make improvements. We received an action plan from the provider telling us what they were going to do to ensure the necessary improvements were made. We carried out this visit to check that improvements had been made and to check on the care and welfare of people who used this service.

We asked people about the care and support provided to them and looked at the care planning documentation to see what guidance was given to staff, to ensure that people received their care as they required to meet their needs. We looked to see if systems were in place to offer this in a safe way. Care plans seen gave a good level of information. We saw they were regularly reviewed to ensure they were up to date and assessed risk areas.

Relatives said that people�s changing needs were identified and that they were kept informed of these changes. One visiting family member explained how the nurse kept them updated on how their relative�s sore skin was healing.

We also observed the care that people received. We found that staff treated people with kindness; they knew people as individuals and understood their personal needs and ways of communicating those needs.

People spoken with told us that the care provided was �first class.� One person told us, �They do a great job looking after me.�

A visiting family member told us that the staff always make them welcome. They told us their relative's needs are fully met and that they always look well cared for. They stated they have no concerns about the home.

We spoke with people about activities and we were told there was �plenty to do� at the home and they are �never bored.� One person told us how much they had enjoyed the recent St George�s Day celebrations held in the home.

People told us they felt safe and able to report any concerns they may have. One person told us, �There�s nothing to grumble about here.�

People confirmed that they were very happy with the service. They felt listened to and had a say in how the home is run. We saw that regular residents and relatives meetings are held and one person commented, �The manager is always asking if I am ok.�

When we looked around the home we saw people's rooms were clean and suitably furnished. People had been able to personalise their rooms and bring in small items of their own furniture if they wished. One person told us, �I have a very comfortable room. It is such a large room, I prefer to stay in it and read.�

Staff spoken with told us that they were happy working at Orton Manor. They said that they received regular supervision to monitor their care practices and had access to training to keep their skills up to date.

Inspection carried out on 5 August 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

There were 35 people using this service when we made our unannounced visit.

We spoke with six people using the service and three relatives about their experiences of the care and support being provided.

The people we talked with told us they were satisfied with the care and support they receive. Their comments included,

�I am very well looked after.�

�The staff have a nice way about them.�

We observed that people looked clean and appropriately dressed for the time of year. People who were in bed had been made as comfortable as possible with pillows, blankets and call bells close to hand.

The manager was present when we arrived. We also spoke with two registered nurses and three care staff.

We observed that staff gave people the support they needed.

We saw that staff spoken to people respectfully and addressedthem by their preferred names. However, we observed that staff assisted people to shave and have footcare in the lounge areas. The failure to provide privacy does not uphold people's dignity.

Reports under our old system of regulation (including those from before CQC was created)