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Archived: Westminster Homecare Limited (Leicester)

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Inspection carried out on 27 November 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with 20 people who used the service and their representatives to find out what people�s experiences of the service were. People we spoke with were very satisfied with the agency and their care workers. People told us that care workers were reliable and competent and that care workers knew what support was required. We were told that care workers treated people with dignity and respect. People were comfortable allowing care workers into their homes.

Comments included: �We�ve been really quite pleased, no problems at all�, �I�m very happy with the agency� and �It�s the perfect agency�. One person told us that the care and support they received had enabled them to remain in their home. They said �Without them I wouldn�t be where I am today�.

Care plans and risk assessments had been completed. These showed care workers the actions to be taken to meet each person�s individual needs and the actions to take, to minimise any possible risks associated with the care and support they provided.

We spoke with three care workers as part of our inspection. They told us they were well supported by the service and had access to training and support from the managers. Staff we spoke with had a good understanding of the needs of people who used the service and were positive about their roles.

Monitoring systems were in place including the use of quality surveys. This provided people with the opportunity to share their thoughts on the support they received.

During a check to make sure that the improvements required had been made

The provider had acted upon our earlier concerns and taken action to ensure all members of staff fully understood their responsibilities. The manager has also planned regular training to ensure staff remain appropriately trained and understand the action they should take to ensure people using the service remain protected.

Inspection carried out on 23 October 2012

During a routine inspection

People we spoke to told us that the provider met all their care needs. They also told us the staff were professional and caring and that they felt safe with them. We found the provider assessed people needs appropriately and delivered care to meet those needs. We found all care plans to be accurate and up to date and subject to regular review.

We did find that some staff were unable to properly explain the types and forms abuse could take. This was a concern to us. All staff were able to describe the correct action they should take if they suspected abuse but their inability to provide assurance they were able to recognise abuse in all its forms suggested that they may not be appropriately trained and therefore unable to recognise and report some types of abuse. We have asked the provider to address this concern.